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Religion – Is It Good For Your Health?

For most people, it is important to have a particular system of faith and worship. Other than spiritual gains, does religion benefit to health? There have been numerous studies and claims point to the benefits of religion to the health of a person. What are the benefits?

Influence of Religion to Health

How does religion affect your health?

Many doctors believe that the health of a person involves the mind and spirit. Many cases are proving that religious people recover better, have a longer lifespan, optimistic and are less likely to be depressed.

Since religion is a set of beliefs about God or the supreme being that provides help for people, a religious person tends to believe God will heal his or her sickness and survive difficulties in life. Faith benefits mental health in a way that develops the mental well-being of a person.

Experts say that if you are a devoted religious person, then what you prayed for will most likely happen. This may be true as there are many cases that a person’s faith aids him to fight illness and get well again. They call this the psychological effect on a person.

Religion improves relationship

Religion enhances one’s social perspective that provides many positive effects. There have been many studies that show religion benefits relationship. People who eat with friends mostly feel full and contented. Receiving encouragement from friends also helps a depressed person feels better or a patient recovers better.

The act of touching physically like hugs also help in the healing process of a person. Physical contacts increase the activity of the nerves of the body giving signals to the brain. Then the brain releases serotonin, also known as the ‘happy hormone,’ the body’s natural anti-depressant.

Religion improves mental health

Other benefits of religion to one’s health include improved behaviours like good diet and abstaining from alcohol and smoke. The religious community plays a good role in religious life as it helps one to have a positive image of oneself, sense of purpose and maturity. Lonely people also benefit from having a religion. In times of misery or lost a loved one, they understand some situations are not in their control and trust God to give consolation, comfort and make them stronger in continuing life.

Religion is also life-changing for many. Many criminals turned over a new leaf and lived a life acceptable to God. Faith also moulds one’s artistry and creativity through prayer and music.

Indeed, there are many and sometimes unexplainable benefits of religion to one’s health and life. If you belong to a religion, strengthen your faith and enjoy a happy life.