About Religion And Spirituality

Why Religion and Spirituality Matters

Humans always seek meaning for life on earth and life hereafter. We believe there is a higher power that is responsible for all the answers we are looking for. And we refer to religion and our spirituality as the very foundation of all these. 

Religion and spirituality have deeper meaning and effect on humans. And all of these have positive effects on mental health. With religion and spirituality, here are the effects humans receive:

Social Connection 

Being in the same religious group and having spirituality give you a sense of belonging. When you believe in the same things, you feel as one with other people. Religion and spirituality promote social connection unlike any other. They are a huge bond that connects people in more ways than they can imagine. 


Religion and spirituality promote a sense of belonging. Since you are on the same page, you are the same. No arguments, no divided opinions. You belong because you understand in the way the other people understand it, too. 

Trust and Safety

With religion and spirituality, you always seek to be the best version of yourself. There is nothing you will do that will sabotage the goodness and the relationship you have with other people. Because you are in this group, you trust them. You know that you are safe in their company and that they will never let you down.