How Religion Relates To Happiness

Everyone chases after happiness, but true happiness does not come from this world or earthly possessions. It has been observed that religious people have a better life than people depending on earthly possessions for their happiness.

Faith in the existence of God

Research says that if you have a religious life, you will live a more comforting life. It is right as material wealth alone cannot bring true happiness. People who depend on God are optimistic and can calmly deal with life struggles. They also handle frustration, anger, sorrow and grief very lightly.

How Religion Links to Happiness

Based on a study, people who believe in God practice a higher level of life satisfaction and happiness in contrast to those who don’t.
It is always hard to cope up with the challenges of life for those who don’t trust in God. Instead, the religious people put their trust in God to help them cope up with the difficulties in life and believe He can solve all their fears easily.

While religion benefits life, faith requires action to achieve true happiness. Contentment and gratitude for the good happenings lead to inner satisfaction. Religious people can handle pressures as they depend on God for help.

Those who have faith in God can endure disappointments in life with grace and poise. Even when life is full of distress, faith help releases his or her from being tensed.

Ideally, having a religious life can lead to a life of love, joy, compassion and service. True happiness is achieved when one puts God’s principles into practice and leave behind one’s selfishness and egocentricity.