Religion – Is It Right For You?

Religion is one of the oldest traditions in history. It is a notable part of most cultures. Many religions exist today but some of the most prominent in the world are Christianity, Islam, Buddism, Hinduism. With the positive influence of religious activities, it is highly used for personal improvement.

Religious scripture

It is common for most religions to have a holy book, holy practices and systems, a meeting place, and a charismatic spokesperson. Traditional religious exercises are prayer, contemplation, fasting, and meeting places like churches, mosques, and temples.

Religion encourages a sense of peace, love, belonging and community, but serves the opposite in its lowest form. Oftentimes in some religions, religious people get in tangled with politics and contentions that do not have anything to do with their particular religious scriptures. Also, it happens a lot of times that follower may get prideful, or power-hungry and employ bullying and imposing others they are not accepted just because they think or act differently when they actually do not go against the book. This often ends up in much worse and much more disturbing situations than when the person has no religion.

Spiritual bullying is more common than any of us realize. If you experience spiritual bullying, you do not have to just accept it as long as you know you are right and do not go against the written text of your religion. Religion should promote growth, peace and unity, but if it does the opposite then it is either corrupted or simply not the right religion for you.